Professional dishwasher UD516DS

Basket dimensions
500x500 mm
Double wall
Automatic incorporated softener
Rinse pump H.T.R. system
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Solutions: Bakery/Pastry making; Frozen bakery industry; Food retail; Other food industry; QSR


Family: Professional dishwasher
Subfamily: Traywasher
Basket dimensions: 500x500 mm
Panel: Easyline
Power connection: 400 V 3N~ / 12 A / 6,73 kW / 50 Hz
Usable load height: 400 mm
Depth with open door: 1020 mm
Product dimensions WxDxH: 600x675x822 mm


Series: Easyline
Led color: Green


Functionality: GN 1/1 trays washing, 5-stage filter, HTR, Door clearance 400mm


Programs: 6 automatic programs; 1 fully programmable program; Self-cleaning programs
Program options: Extra rinse; Clean water cycle
Program specifications: Boiler 85°C/Tank 60°C - 60"; Boiler 71°C/Tank 60°C - 1'20"; Boiler 85°C/Tank 60°C - 1'10"; Boiler 85°C/Tank 60°C - 1'30"; Boiler 85°C/Tank 60°C - 3'; Boiler 71°C/Tank 60°C - 2'10"; Boiler 85°C/Tank 60°C - 4'10"
Drain and self cleaning cycle: Yes
Maximum basket/hour: 51
Maximum dishes/hour: 720

Technical Features

Tank heating element: 2000 W
Boiler heating element: 4500 W
Washing pump: 730 W
Default connection: 6730 W
Water cycle consumption: 3,2 l
Inlet pressure: 100-600 kPa
Warm water connection: 8°C
Max temperature inlet water: 60°C
Max water hardness: 54°f - 30°dH

Electrical Connection

Optional electrical connection: 230 V 3~ / 19 A / 6,7 kW / 50 Hz; 230 V~ / 12 A / 2,7 kW / 50 Hz; 230 V~ / 16 A / 3,7 kW / 50 Hz; 230 V~ / 21 A / 4,7 kW / 50 Hz


Display: 8 digit
On/Off button: Yes
Salt alert: Yes
Rinse aid missing alert: Yes
Detergent missing alert: Yes
Cycle progress alert: Yes
End-cycle alert: Yes
Manual diagnostic: Yes


Tank: Deep drawn
Construction: Double wall
Tank material: Stainless steel AISI 304
Tank filter: Stainless steel
Door: Double wall
Back panel: Galvanized
Balanced door: Yes
Washing spray arm: 2 in stainless steel
Rinse spray arm: 2 in stainless steel
Door gasket: On 3 sides
Rack guides: Embossed
Tank capacity: 11 l
Boiler capacity: 6.5 l
Protection class: IPX4
Adjustable feet: Yes
Drain max. height: 600 mm

Logistic Information

Width packed product: 660 mm
Depth packed product: 700 mm
Height packed product: 990 mm
Packed product dimensions: 990X660X700
Gross weight (kg): 77.000
Packaging type: Carton on pallet
Paper packaging: 3.351 kg
Polystyrene packaging: 0.681 kg
Wood packaging: 5.320 kg
Plastic packaging: 0.048 kg


Drain pump: Yes
Peristaltic detergent doser: Electronic control
Chemicals level probe: Yes, with optional kit KITSONLIV
Peristaltic rinse-aid doser: Electronic control
Deafult chemicals dosing unit of measure: gr/lt
Automatic incorporated softener: Yes
Detergent load: 1,5 l/h
Rinse load: 0,4 l/h
Automatic start: Yes, default OFF
Soft Start system: Yes
Stand-by system: Yes
Thermostop system: Yes
Cycle counter: Yes
Filter: 5-stages filter system
Rinse pump H.T.R. system: Yes
Break tank: Yes
Partial renewal of water in the tank and built-in drain pump: Yes
Trays/basket washing option 600x400: Yes
Trays washing option GN1/1 530x325mm: Yes
Detergent (red) hose lenght: 2,2m
Rinse aid (blue) hose lenght: 2,2m

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