The new generation of ALFA43 electronic ovens

Intuitive, functional and high-performing: these are the characteristics of the new Smeg professional ovens designed and made in Italy.

The new electronic ovens feature a simple and intuitive LCD touch screen interface to make oven programming easier, guaranteeing chefs maximum flexibility when setting cooking cycles and ensuring impeccable results.

The main functions include 99 customisable programs allowing the user to set the parameters of their preferred dishes, starting the cycle with a single gesture. The preheating and multistep cooking functions allow up to 3 different steps to be set  within a single program.

The possibility to use both GN2/3 and 435x320 trays further enhances the flexibility of use characterising Smeg ovens.

USB port  to easily upload and download your recipes.

New to the range, the K43X hood, combinable with the new ALFA43 oven and easy to use thanks to the touch display, perfectly eliminates cooking fumes and odours thanks to the cold condensing system.