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Control of the temperature and air speed, together with the moisture level, not only saves time but also protects the original sensory properties and weight of the foods.


Activating this function guarantees elimination of the Anisakis parasite, which dies only at temperatures greater than 60°C or with prolonged freezing of the fish. The Ministry of Health has in fact issued an ordinance requiring restaurants to freeze foodstuffs at -20°C for at least 24 hours before serving.


This program allows chefs to set the time when the food needs to be fully thawed. The machine will start automatically, bringing the foods up to a positive temperature without damaging their structure and sensory properties.


The slow cooking cycle is ideal for certain types of meat and fish. This technique enhances the flavours and colours of foods and reduces weight loss by 50%. At the end of this cycle, blast chilling or freezing is automatically activated, or else temperature holding at +65°C, thus avoiding the spread of bacteria.