Galileo Professional combi oven

The Smeg Galileo Professional oven is a product dedicated to industry professionals looking for perfection every day. Designed to experience excellence in the kitchen, innovating the culinary tradition through the simplicity of technology.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, it stands out for its excellent cooking performance and high energy efficiency.

New thermofunnel cavity

The clever design of the new cavity featuring a parabolic shape in the rear, and the new shape of the deflector, facilitates air distribution and guarantees uniform heat for excellent results and even cooking.

Steam cooking

The two different steam generation technologies: direct injection and SteamArt technology, allow chefs to manage the quantity, quality and level of steam based on the type of cooking and dish. And thanks to the new reversible tray support, both GN1/1 and 600x400 mm trays can be used.

Gourmet Experience


It combines the power and temperatures of convection cooking with direct steam injection. Minimum weight loss during cooking and perfect regeneration. 


The use of SteamArt saturated steam saves time, guarantees even cooking and preserves the nutritional properties of foods, enhancing their colours and flavours. 


By controlling the exhausts, it is possible to regulate the level of moisture in the cooking chamber to create the ideal grilling environment. 


Low temperature cooking allows chefs to optimise their time and guarantees a perfect and delicately cooked dish with minimum weight loss and low power consumption. 

ΔT° System

The ΔT° function combined with exact temperature control thanks to the multipoint probe guarantees the excellence and repeatability of cooking results. 

Dry environment

Even cooking thanks to the air circulation system, making it possible to achieve the same results on every level, even with a full load. 

Triple glazed

The door is triple glazed for improved thermal insulation of the cavity, allowing a consistent temperature inside and reducing power consumption. Moreover, the triple glazing keeps the external door temperature down, avoiding accidental burns.

Multipoint core probe

Precise control and accurate measurement thanks to 4 temperature points. Allows perfect cooking directly at the core of any type of food, without any margin for error, for excellent cooking results. 

LED lights

The lights positioned on the door ensure excellent lighting inside the oven cavity to quickly monitor the foods inside, on every single shelf. 

Digital Canvas Display 

The new graphic interface offers a completely fresh design, numerous functions and high customisation of the operating modes. The latest generation 7” full touch display is faster and even more intuitive, making it easier to manage the oven for best cooking results. 

Ergonomic handle 

A solid yet slim design with rotational opening make it extremely comfortable for operators to use. 

USB port 

Positioned on the door for comfortable and easy access, to update and upload new recipes in an instant.

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