Coffee machines

Know-how, creativity and style, these are the qualities exuded by the Italian identity of La Pavoni, and which characterise the company’s commitment to bringing coffee machines to life. Part of the La Pavoni production line is dedicated to the Smeg Professional range for restaurants and bars.

La Pavoni coffee machines can be split into three major categories: manual with lever, semi-automatic and automatic.

Automatic coffee machines

The automatic coffee machines have a simple and intuitive user interface. They include a volumetric meter that automatically stops distributing the coffee after a pre-set quantity. 

semi-automatic machines

With the professional semi-automatic machines, the bartender manages the distribution time in manual mode. The same button can be used to start and stop distribution of the beverage.

Lever coffee machine

Precious materials and the possibility to constantly control the distribution pressure via the lever. The pressure is charged by lowering the lever, and distribution is managed by releasing it. The lever machines satisfy even the most demanding users, distributing personalised coffee with repeatable extraction curves.