The WARRANTY will only be authorised if:

  • The installation of the appliance meets all the necessary requirements outlined in the installation and operational manual supplied with the appliance and available on the below download link.
  • The installation permits normal accessibility to the appliance and any labour costs incurred by engineers having to move or uninstall any external items to access the machine will be deemed chargeable.
  • The appliance is regularly serviced according to the maintenance schedule in the installation and operational manual supplied.


The duration of the warranty is 24 months from the date of shipment and invoice from Smeg UK, any later installations need to be declared on the commissioning / warranty activation report form provided inside the appliance. This form should be completed in full and emailed to: [email protected] or post the completed forms to: Smeg
Professional Warranty Registrations, Smeg (UK) Ltd, The Magna Building, Wyndyke Furlong, Abingdon OX14 1DZ within 14 days of the installation.
If the commissioning / warranty activation report form has not been completed and sent as described above, the warranty period is 24 months from the date of the Smeg appliance sales invoice. 

Smeg disclaims all liability for any damage that may directly or indirectly be derived to people, property and domestic animals due to failure to comply with the provisions indicated in the installation and operational manual supplied with the appliance. In particular, all of the warnings relating to the installation, use and regular maintenance of the appliance.


  • Service work needed to rectify defects caused by improper use, negligent use, careless use or malicious use and failure to comply with the operating instructions of the appliance.
  • Service work needed to rectify any repairs carried out by non-authorised technical personnel or caused by the use of non-original Smeg spare parts.
  • Service work on appliances that have been tampered with and/or damaged during transportation (dents, scratches, etc.) or any other circumstances that cannot be traced back to the manufacturing of the appliance. Any damage caused during transportation must be reported to the sales office on the day of delivery with photographic evidence sent to [email protected]
  • Service work relating to incorrect installation including the appliances connection to the sites mains power supply, water supply and drainage system, preparation of the appliance based on the sites specific requirements of use, including changes to the dosage quantities of detergent and / or rinse aid and water softener hardness setting. Additionally work to rectify cleaning or unblocking the appliance due to the presence of debris, limescale, grease, dirt or grime. All labour and parts costs for the above service work will be chargeable as also indicated in the user manual supplied with the appliance, which forms an integral part of the sales contract.
  • All external parts of the appliance where the users could have directly caused the failure during use or periodic cleaning / maintenance.
  • All consumable parts that are subject to wear and tear during normal use such as, but not limited to, trays, racks, baskets, seals, bulbs, knobs and buttons, removable parts, parts made from glass, plastic, rubber, enamelled parts, external hoses, accessories, and consumable materials, unless there is clear evidence to demonstrate that there is an obvious manufacturing defect.
  • Formation of rust or stains on the stainless steel caused by using unsuitable and corrosive cleaning products, incorrect amounts of dishwasher chemicals or leaving food deposits or dishwasher salt in the wash chamber for prolonged periods.
  • The sale of professional appliances to consumers for domestic use - in this case, the legal liability of any warranty or service costs remains wholly with the retailer / distributor with the exclusion of any recourse against Smeg.

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