Long-standing technological expertise in product design and construction allows the creation of innovative solutions that guarantee maximum efficiency in the workplace, and excellent results.

High temperature rinse system (H.T.R)

All models are equipped with the H.T.R. - High Temperature Rinse - system, which guarantees control of the rinse water pressure and temperature.

The rinse pump maintains a constant water flow regardless of the mains water pressure. This guarantees efficient rinsing and rapid drying once the door/hood is opened. 

Energy recovery - S.H.R.+

The S.H.R.+ (Steam Heat Recovery) system extracts the steam produced during the wash and rinse cycles and condenses it inside the back of the machine. The steam is thus converted into hot water, which is used to fill the boiler. The system reduces the power needed to heat the rinse water by up to 30% and eliminates the escape of steam when the hood is opened at the end of the cycle.


The double skinned structure and thermal acoustic insulation of the wash chamber, combined with the optimised water circuit for a less turbulent water flow, make TOPLINE models the quietest (just 53 db (A) in the undercounter category.


Excellent protection against external water spillage is guaranteed by the meticulous design of the machine structure, classified with IPX4 protection rating and compliant with the CEI EN 60529 standard.

Additionally, all machines comply with the strictest manufacturing safety standards.

COMPLETE CLEAN = Total wash tank water replacement

The “Complete clean” function makes it possible to combine the selected program with complete replacement of the wash tank water. This means the machine uses fresh water for every wash cycle, fully emptying and refilling the tank each time. This function is perfect for situations where the items needing to be washed are particularly dirty, or the requested hygiene requirements are particularly high.


The filter system in a dishwasher is extremely important because it traps and eliminates the dirt from the dishes, thus allowing less use of power, detergent and water.
The new patented P.D.S.+ (Partial Drain System) filter system combines a new microfilter with 3 increasing filtration levels, a 45% larger filter surface area and a system for the partial draining of the wash tank water between washing and rinsing. The result is excellent test results in accordance with standard EN50593 and reduced machine management costs.