La Pavoni coffee machines are designed and manufactured in Italy using advanced technology to create the perfect conditions, ensuring the best extraction of the coffee blend.


Desiderio is the top of the range and the newest La Pavoni-branded professional machine, the most innovative and versatile coffee machine for the professional sector, featuring a touch screen display used to program all machine functions.

Additionally, the temperature of the individual groups can be independently regulated to ensure impeccable results with every blend.


Termopid technology allows the temperature of each group to be precisely managed by means of a programmable display thermostat. PID regulation, in addition to keeping the set temperature constant, also makes it possible to enhance the aromas of the various coffee blends. Each operator can simply and intuitively set their preferred temperatures without the intervention of a trained technician.


There are two main elements in the coffee extraction process: the water temperature and pressure profile.

The water, drawn directly from the boiler, after a short pre-brewing period, flows through the coffee panel at variable pressure. The pressure profile is generated by the thrust of a piston controlled by the lever system. This allows extraction of the most precious aromatic notes to create a persistent creama, until the operator decides to stop the pour.